This collection presents itself as an allegory of our New Arc, an amalgamation of emotions and actions. Embracing reality with expressions that reside deep within, soft but brutal, angry but grateful. A Neo-Classic journey of a tarnished but resurrected new journey contrasted with the same old desire guided from the knowledge from past lives into the Afterlife.

Painting our very own picture of how we interpret the idea of Neo-Medievalism, the silhouettes referenced from the medieval period were reinterpreted into pieces, celebrating the DIY spirit we have been adopting since our start.

The jackets and trousers feature utilitarian details crafted with nylon, cotton and wool fabrics. Fur coats are made with acrylic faux fur and textured t-shirts are made of uneven brushed cotton. In our own way of encouraging people to travel and seek new adventures or new meanings to life post-covid, we prioritized comfort in our garments.

For the campaign video and look book, we were supported by our friends pursuing their own path within the local creative community. They are featured as the models for this collection.

What will await us in the future? Nobody knows. However as they say the darker the night, the brighter the stars, so come and enter this journey with us.


Production & Creative Direction by Youths In Balaclava

Campaign Video
Directed & Edited by Zon Chan
Director of Photography – Kayue Li
Gaffer – Wesley Neil Dragon
Grip – Chan Qi Yan

Models – Tristen, Huda, HY, Jia Sheng, Haphiz, Billy, Dani Gfaggy and Mae Tan.
MUA – Vanessa
Location – Lithium

Shot & Edited by GradePixel

Models – Tristen, Carissa Almira, Mervin, Natalia, Kash, Dan, Justin, Rothsman Hunter, Elysia Marie, Phoebe, Yung Raja, Fariz Jabba, Elton and Dani Gfaggy.

Location – Lithium

Special thanks to Nike.