‘Lost in Transit’ represents a dissonance a majority of our members currently feel transitioning back into society and trying to recreate our lifestyle pre-service is not all too easy either. Change is never easy, is it? However, through this accursed phase of our lives as Singaporean sons (and daughters), many ideas were born. Through thorough observation of our mostly mundane lives in service, we have: witnessed, taken notice of, and been inspired by the government’s method of problem solving through the functionality of their clothing. The silhouettes of the uniforms we don everyday also influenced the garments presented in this collection, which are an amalgamation of fabrics– all carefully selected, dissected, and reconstructed. The ink blot patterns were inspired by the Rorschach test- a psychological test of an individual’s personality. The inkblots in this collection represent our reaction to everything, from serving the nation, to moving into our cognitive-dissonance-inducing studio.