Teetering on the border of the uncanny valley, the collection invites you to imagine  how you would feel if you were an old worn-in scarecrow– bursting at the seams–  but cursed to forever be stuck in the middle of the cornfield. Forced to only play the  observer and thus burdened with wisdom, the scarecrow seems to understand and  has come to accept his symbolic role as a totem of death. A constant reminder of  the fear of starvation and withering out: feelings shared between both the side of the  crows and farmers.  

Watching the seasons drift pass, the scarecrow stands languidly as he sees other  farmers give up the lifestyle that was most probably forced upon them through generations of blood, and travelling towards the city for a better shot at life. Being able to witness the world around it change while it stands idly on guard only further drives  the dissonance the scarecrow experiences. 

The collection will feature Youths In Balaclava’s first steps towards women-centric garments, in addition to a variety of (but not limited to) shirts, accessories, and  pants; all conceptualized with the burning desire to tell a story. AW21 “SCARECROWS” symbolizes the collective’s take on retrofuturism and post-nostalgia, and bleeds hues of purple, mustard, green, and orange