‘If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?’ 

Plastic Surgery deconstructs this question, forcing one to face any truths they might harbour below the surface. These deep-seated contemplations reveal our desires and dislikes; which in turn puts to the forefront our wavering perception of perfection. 

The collection centers around the idea of a perfected perfection, and what it means to strive to achieve a goal as nebulous as an inherent perfection. Throughout our lives, it is apparent that perfection bleeds discipline, but this form of discipline can prove to be the cause of a great stress that most might feel– especially during their transition from teen hood to adulthood. What would you sacrifice to feel whole? When we venture inwards to find faults within ourselves as part of our self-realisation exercise– more often than not– we notice the impurities on the stark white wall we are first conceived with. 

On a perfect day, what does your sunset look like?