'Psycho Highway' tells the story of a fictional dystopian society under the totalitarian rule of “EYE”. Unhappy citizens flee the governance of “EYE” and eventually form three separate factions, all heavily relying on the use of locomotives: Wild Horses, Dirty MCs, and Midnight Berserk—all of which have cultivated their own individual style, culture, and lifestyle.

Revolution must be fought for, and so the three separate factions each attempt to overthrow “EYE”, but to no avail. Destroyed and defeated, the three separate factions eventually decide to join forces and launch a full-scale attack on “EYE”. Victory is theirs... right?

A metaphor wrapped in a narrative, the story of Psycho Highway is a reflection of our country and the different subcultures that (seemingly) stand all alone but ironically share the same enemy. The stage is set, and Psycho Highway is born.