Following the death of Genesis P-Orridge after losing the three year fight to chronic myelomonocytic leukaemia, the world of art, sexual liberation, and occultism were shaken at it’s very foundation. Genesis breathed new life into stale hard-to-grasp concepts, and became a revolutionary transgressor in the face of naysayers. H/er influence spills over and leaks into the collective subconscious of our team, and only naturally, h/er leaving incites a momentary shaking of our fists at the sky. ‘Godstar’ is our way of paying tribute and memorializing h/er efforts in causing a paradigm shift in every aspect of life s/he touched. Reacting to the multifaceted creative platter Genesis dedicated h/er life to put together, we feed on h/er very intense tasting ideas and regurgitate the digested byproduct as we see fit. ‘Godstar’ aims to bring its own meaning to the nebulous term of ‘avant-garde’ through its thoughtful use of textiles and critical choice of colours– all of which are carefully coordinated in the effort to ditch the notion that ‘avant-garde’ must always be rooted in the excess.

We meet Genesis at h/er creative crossroads but choose our own path to explore.