Translated from the poignant verses of Chalino Sanchez's ballad, "Alma Enamorada," this collection pays homage to the indomitable spirit of an individual who, amidst adversity and peril, stood resolute in his commitment to unfurl his truth through the artistry of his soul. It embodies a spirit of "Resilient Defiance"

This concept extends beyond individuals; it embraces entire communities that, despite formidable obstacles and relentless opposition, embody strength, persistence, and an unwavering determination to express themselves and etch their essence onto the canvas of the world. It is a jubilation of the potency of art and unity as potent instruments of resistance and expression, confronting adversity head-on. Our collection stands as a testament to our struggle for a voice within the industry, employing unconventional and creative strategies to articulate our stance.

Trends are not our focus; instead, we delve deeply into perfecting our craft, using the past as a foundation to shape our present and future.
We wholeheartedly embrace a DIY ethos, crafting bespoke, hand-made pieces that not only challenge our past creations but also epitomise our dedication to reusing old or discarded materials.

This evolution mirrors fragments of our temporal existence, encapsulating a new perspective on our vision and aspirations.
Our paramount focus lies in the reverence for craftsmanship and design, a deliberate deceleration to immerse ourselves in the minutiae of garment construction.
As the saying goes, love begets audacious endeavours, and in our relentless pursuit, we willingly compromise on certain facets of life for the sheer love of our passion.

We, indeed, are all "SOULS IN LOVE"—a testament to the enduring romance between our creations and the fervent beating of our collective hearts.


Production & Creative Direction by Youths In Balaclava

Runway Video
Directed by Youths In Balaclava
Director of Photography by Farid Nanni
Edited by Farid Nanni

Venue CŪN Singapore

Beautiful Home - Ural
99 (Sick) - Ural
Endless Torment - Doldrey

Show Production by Youths In Balaclava team

Models Milo Yeo, Randy J. Hunt, Elden Zachery, Sayy, Yeap Yi, Jae, Aubrey Tey and Thiruben

Styling / Dresser Farah Sudiro, Alison Oh Jing Rou, Ryan Lee E Tian and Khairina Sari

Hair Dani Gfaggy

MUA Khairina Sari

Lookbook Shot & Edited by Cheong Vincent