Psycho Highway’ tells the story of a fictional dystopian society under the totalitarian rule of “EYE”.

Unhappy citizens flee the governance of “EYE”, and eventuallyform 3 separate factions, all heavy in their use of locomotives:Wild Horses, Dirty MCs, and Midnight Berserk— all of which have cultivated their own individual style, culture, and lifestyle. Revolution must be fought for, and so the 3 separate factions each attempt to overthrow “EYE”, but to no avail. Destroyed and defeated, the 3 separate factions eventually decide to join forces and launch a full-scale attack on “EYE”. Victory is theirs... right? A metaphor wrapped in a narrative, the story of Psycho Highway is a reflection of our country and the different subcultures that (seemingly) stand all alone...but ironically share the same enemy.

The stage is set, Psycho Highway is born.